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The course provides the basic level knowledge of Environmental Education and explains the most important theories. The course concentrates on knowledge about environment that is important for Environmental Educators, such as natural cycles, food chains and nets, ecosystems services and biodiversity. Students learn the basics of these themes, but also learn how these themes can be taught to children in inspiring ways.  

Online Environmental Educator Basic Level

Length: 12 episodes (12 weeks)

Online Environmental Educator Middle Level

Length: 12 episodes (12 weeks)

The course provides more advanced knowledge that requires previous course's knowledge about how nature works. In this course, we will focus on sustainable development and environmental issues, such as climate change, biodiversity loss and littering in nature. Students will gain the core knowledge of these themes and also how these themes can be taught to children. With these subjects we also need emotion education and media literacy that play a big parts of the course.


Online Environmental Educator High Level

Length: 12 episodes (12 weeks)

The final Environmental Educator course finalizes the training and teaches how other learning methods, such as multidisciplinary learning and phenomenon-based learning, can be used to support Environmental Education. The course focuses on empowering children and how to guide them to find their own possibilities to influence others and find solutions together.  

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