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3-day Summer Nature Camp

Camp duration:

  • 3 days, 10am - 4pm


Day 1 - Insect + Wild Herb Day (Annalan Talo)

  • Ice breaking - games and other activities where children get to know each other.

  • Lunch and free time.

  • Catching bugs and collecting materials for insect hotels and plants for wild herb tea

  • Making insect hotels

Day 2 - Marine Day (Arabiaranta)

  • Learn about the Baltic Sea

  • Lunch 

  • Examining the small creatures, algae and taking plankton samples

  • Plankton examinations with microscopes

  • Plankton art


Day 3 - Birdwatching Day (Lammassaari)

  • Learn about birds in Finland

  • Lunch by the fire - barbeque

  • Nature art and craft

  • Closing ceremony

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